Ideas and Experiments in the Art of Presenting

Making Donahue

April 26, 2011

by Garrett Kalleberg, Lead Architect & Developer, Arc90 What Donahue Is, What It Does Over the past decade, Donahue’s product leads Tim Meaney & Chris Fahey, watched audiences at conferences turn away from the presenters and increasingly inward, or downward, towards their laptops, phones, and tablets. Their insight was that this apparent disengagement was actually…

Donahue in A List Apart

April 19, 2011

We presented the Donahue app last month at SXSW, and since then we’ve been busy on a lot of stuff. Mostly, though, we’ve been preparing for the great honor of having our talk published in A List Apart. The resulting article, a distillation and refinement of the actual talk we gave at SXSW, is out…